Brook Farm.

Brook Farm was a large project which is still ongoing. 

The land was left for in excess of 50 years to lay and grow weeds brash and brambles, the fields inaccessible via foot or any vehicle. 


As we clear the brash we found numerous wired broken fencing which the bramble and trees had grown into and around. 

The clearance took nr 2months of hard work with heavy plant machinery and allot of physical man work. 


With chainsaws, and numerous other tools to clear the land. as you can see from the start to ploughing and re-seeding twice then to leave to grass.

The land is now much more level and clear, ready to be ploughed for a future crop. 



As you can see this far outreaches most private property works but shows the scale of the work we can undertake. 


We do and will take any job no matter how small or large, and feel that we price accordingly with our legal overheads, insurance, licenses, and legalities to cover a professional service for yourselves. You can be assured we are fully licensed and insured for public liability and ourselves. 


Feel free to browse the works at Brook farm, to see the extent although I'm sure none of the photographs do actually give the work undertaken any justice.